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Active Duty Gay Porn of Perfect Hot Military Guys | ActiveDuty
2017-Mar-17 13:18 - ActiveDuty - Allen Lucas - Ryan Jordan

As we head into warmer months, I start thinkin' about the beach.  I start dreamin about strong boys on leave, playin in the sand, spillin a little beer to make a one-handed catch in front of some pretty girls.  I can see these boys, Ryan Jordan and Allen Lucas, doing just that, laughing and forgetting about the rest of the world.  Allen had a good tasting of Ryan's enormous cock.  Goodness, that thing is like an angry python.  Thankfully, Allen is an experienced snake charmer and knows the techniques for taming such dangerous beasts.  He really goes to town, sucking and jerking like the full-throttle Active veteran he is.  Then Ryan goes to his feet to let Allen get more of what he wants.  He gobbles down Ryan's boner a bit more before Ryan turns around to give Allen a taste of his sweet hole.  I love seeing inexperienced, straight boys get rimmed.  It's not a totally familiar feeling, but as you see in Ryan's face, it can be pretty awesome!  From there, we get a nice underneath shot of Ryan's cock sliding into Allen's ass.  He fucks him from behind for a while before Ryan goes to his back on the bed.  Allen is obviously a pro and knows how to ride a fat military cock like Ryan's.  Watch him go.  He really gets a good bounce going, and Ryan gets into it, eventually thrusting upward into Allen's amazing, accommodating ass.  Then they get into some doggystyle, where Ryan unloads ALMOST his whole clip.  I can see that Ryan is gaining confidence.  This position is one where Ryan truly opened up and drilled that hungry ass.  And finally, for what ended up being my favorite part, Allen gets fucked on his back.  I loved seeing that hole get fully rammed.  
2017-Feb-17 13:17 - ACTIVE DUTY - TREY

Hey Troops,I really liked the energy from this handsome recruit, and I picked up on it right away. He sat down with a smile on his face, ready to show us what he can do. Trey seems like the total package! He's immaculately physically tuned and his personality is exactly what we need here on the squad. Claude chit chats with Trey for a few moments and we learn that (no surprise) Trey is a personal trainer and practically lives in the gym. My goodness, what an amazing chest on this fine boy. And it doesn't end there, just wait until you see him pull of those sweatpants! Yes, once that beautiful cock comes out, we really get a sense of eye candy we're dealing with. Trey is just at the top of charts. He has amazing skin, a playful smile, and that ab definition is unreal. Did I mention that perfectly shaped swollen cock?!  And Trey knows exactly how to give us the goods. He's certainly no stranger to yankin' his meat and getting himself in just the right mood. He spends some time on the couch getting warmed up, and Claude does a really nice job of showing us the goods.  Claude sneaks in tight, getting us a close look at Trey's strong hands, working his meaty shaft and massaging those luxurious balls. From down low, Claude shows up what it might be like to have a blowjob perspective.  Then Trey gets on his feet to continue the party. Again, Claude goes in close for a wonderful view of Trey's taint. This is a sexy look at what's, in my opinion, one of Trey's most excellent hidden assets! It's around here that Trey really starts jamming, tugging his erection like a fiend for pleasure.  Claude moves over Trey's shoulder to show us a POV shot. This is where I noticed something especially's a very rare DICK TATTOO!! Yes, this crazy soldier has a dick tattoo, and he wants you to see it! I couldn't make out exactly what it says, but I mean to ask Claude if he found out. Haha, what a special treat! It's a sign that Trey isn't afraid to let his wild side cum out and play. We move on from here right into some pillow fucking. WOW! Check out the power in Trey's ass and thighs. It's a thing of beauty that really has me thinking of who I'd like to see him pound...any ideas, troops??  Get comfortable and get set to enjoy this fine young cadet. He has all the trappings of a perfect recruit. And I know with that enthusiasm and attitude, Trey will not only be learning a lot here with us, I think we'll all get to see a few brand new things!

2017-Jan-20 13:17 - ACTIVE DUTY - ZACK MATTHEWS

There ain't no better way to say it...this boy is HOT!!!  Take a look for yourself at our newest, freshest recruit, Zack Matthews.  It's been a little while since we've seen a guy with this much cool factor.  Boy, Zack is built so well.  He's nice and lean, but with plenty of power in his arms and chest.  He's not short on masculine essence, no way.  Zack has that special manly quality that's hard to find in artsy guys.  He's a great combination of hip and sensitive, and gruff and strong.  Claude does an excellent job working his way all around our handsome new recruit.  Zack tugs his oily boner and Claude shows us every angle.  I very much enjoyed Zack's right forearm tattoos.  They're a patchwork of fun, colorful stars and I loved seeing them dance as he fervently jacked his swollen dong.  He goes from the couch to standing up, where Claude aims his shot upward.  We get to see Zack's luxurious balls and watch his face occasionally peek around his hard cock as he strokes.  Then it's back to that groove on the couch where Zack loosens up a bit, letting his hands explore.  He discovers his asshole could use a little play, so he adds to his pleasure with some nice rubbing.  Finally, it's a sweet explosion of hot cum all over his chest.  Golly, what a nice blast!  And Zack seems relieved, I'll bet partly to have done a great job for his first showing.  
2016-Dec-23 13:16 - ACTIVEDUTY - TYLER SEID

Take a look at the handsome on this boy!  Wow, what an amazing recruit to have with us on the solo couch this time.  Claude has brought us a fine, fresh soldier named Tyler Seid, and it's easy to see he's looking to please and have a good time doin' it!  When the jeans and then the boxer briefs come off, we get the full view of Tyler's amazing complexion and, of course, that luscious cock.  He's fully hard, stroking like he ain't joking.  Claude gets low and tight to show us a sweet view of Tyler's balls.  This is just a wonderfully put together soldier.  Gorgeous muscle tone, strikingly handsome face...and eyes that seem beyond his years.  Then we get a top-down view of the jerking action.  Tyler has wonderfully masculine, yet gentle hands.  They really look hot with those strong fingers wrapped around that pulsating cock.  Tyler gives us a look at his ass in action when he gets into some nice upright pillow fucking.  I enjoy when seeing this as a little break from the laying-down pillow fucking.  Tyler uses his powerful ass to pump that erect cock into the soft cushioning.  What a lovely sight.  It all works out great, finishing up with a healthy eruption that even surprised Claude.  'The couch, your chest, your face,' Claude laughs.  Let's all get ready for a lot more fun with our new boy, Tyler!

Here's a fun's Nico and Colby Foust, two recruits that are certainly anything but boring! ? Wow, this one's a very powerful encounter, and by that I mean these boys pack a lot of punch. ? Not too long after ol' Claude gives the boys the go ahead, they go from jerking their fattening meats to hot oral. ? Nico's the one to go down and take in a heaping mouthful of Colby's cock. ? Nico has definitely had some experience with big dicks like Colby's. ? I just love the way he takes that big thing all the way down his throat. ? He's not afraid to go all in! ? Now THAT'S a quality we like to see on the battlefield. ? Yes sir, this freshly initiated soldier just might have what it takes. ? Colby's no slouch either. ? 'Now it's my turn,' Nico tells him, and without hesitation, Colby jumps on that large erection, sliding his lips down the throbbing shaft. He likes to bob hard and quick, something Nico seems to very much appreciate. ? Then Nico switches back to sucking Colby's dick, just to make sure it's perfectly hard to do some real damage. ? And my heavens, does he get him riled up! ? I could scarcely believe how thick and excited Colby was when he slid that throbbing cock into Nico's ass. ? He starts out gently here, letting Nico get an initial idea, but then really cranks up the intensity. ? 'Yeah, fuck his ass!' Claude says with excitement as he aims his shot upward, showing us how Nico is jerking his fat, hard dick as he gets good 'n' fucked. ? After slamming Nico silly from behind, Colby lays on his back to give Nico a ride, just like the real cowboys do. ? Check out Nico go! ? Even when he's on top, Nico keeps the train chugging, bouncing like a wild man on Colby's stiffie. ? From there, Nico goes to his back so Colby can pound the cum right out of him. ? It's really a beautiful, photo finish, and every member of the squad should watch and appreciate the level of dedication that came out of these boys, especially considering one of them is a first timer!
2016-Oct-21 13:15 - ACTIVEDUTY - JORDAN GRAVES

Now this is what I call a nice breath of something different!!  This incredibly adorable, smart, funny, charming fresh recruit is Jordan Graves.    Jordan takes a little longer than usual to even take off his outermost garment.  Once he does, we see his outrageous, yellow boxer briefs, of fairly sheer material, with something starting to fatten up underneath!  Aye carumba!!  Finally, Jordan pulls them off and sits back comfortably on the bed.  He arranges his legs so the soles of his feet are together.  It struck me as a yoga-like pose, which I find extremely arousing.  It's spiritual, yet kinky as fuck.  He gets his nice cock hard quickly and shows us what he can do.  I enjoyed seeing the way he expresses his sensuousness through his face.  He occasionally bites his bottom lip, but gently.  That's really the best word to describe this fine cadet in a nutshell: sensuous.  As he tugs his swollen cock, his feet become further apart and Jordan shows us his gorgeous hole.  His legs and ass have just the right amount of hair and something about the look of his skin makes me Jordan becomes increasingly more deviant as he works on his fattened pole.  We see him reach a hand down and begin enjoying some masturbatory ass play.  And from where this action starts, it's not long before Jordan pulls out a large, purple, vibrating toy for himself!  This solo session was just incredible, start to finish, for a lot reasons.  One is certainly Jordan's incredible cum blast.  Get comfy and make sure you're ready to be enchanted.  This sweet new soldier is a MUST SEE!   
2016-Sep-23 13:13 - ActiveDuty - RYAN JORDAN

This is my very favorite type of new recruit to welcome to the squad.  His name is Ryan Jordan and he's a guy that you can't help but absolutely love, right from the get go.  Ryan truly has a wonderful cock.  He gets it very well greased up for this solo session and Claude brings us in tight on a few occasions.  I especially enjoyed peering up at Ryan as he gripped his erection tightly and peered around it, downward as we looked.  I don't think I'm the only one excited to see him put that behemoth dick to good use.

After we get a nice view of Ryan stroking while on his feet, Claude shows us what it's like from Ryan's point of view, looking down at that pulsating thing in his own hands.
 Boy, what a byoot! Claude moves in and gets a nice, tight shot of this handsome recruit's face.  Dreamy blue eyes pierce us as we watch this young man pleasure himself.  The camera pans down from here, showing us his strong muscles all working together to make that big, stiff cock erupt.  And when it finally does blast...HIT THE DECK!!  This was a finale for the books.  Even our boy Claude was surprised at the massive cum load Ryan shot.  This was such a fun, great first time with a recruit that I can promise will be a golden addition to the troop.    
2016-Aug-23 13:13 - ActiveDuty - RYAN JORDAN

This is my very favorite type of new recruit to welcome to the squad.  His name is Ryan Jordan and he's a guy that you can't help but absolutely love, right from the get go.  Ryan truly has a wonderful cock.  He gets it very well greased up for this solo session and Claude brings us in tight on a few occasions.  I especially enjoyed peering up at Ryan as he gripped his erection tightly and peered around it, downward as we looked.  I don't think I'm the only one excited to see him put that behemoth dick to good use.

After we get a nice view of Ryan stroking while on his feet, Claude shows us what it's like from Ryan's point of view, looking down at that pulsating thing in his own hands.
 Boy, what a byoot! Claude moves in and gets a nice, tight shot of this handsome recruit's face.  Dreamy blue eyes pierce us as we watch this young man pleasure himself.  The camera pans down from here, showing us his strong muscles all working together to make that big, stiff cock erupt.  And when it finally does blast...HIT THE DECK!!  This was a finale for the books.  Even our boy Claude was surprised at the massive cum load Ryan shot.  This was such a fun, great first time with a recruit that I can promise will be a golden addition to the troop.    
2016-Aug-19 13:13 - PRINCETON PRICE

In the first moments Princeton Price is by himself, we catch a glimpse of that magnetic, enchanting smile. Princeton has such a gorgeous mouth. He smiles when he means it, too. It lends to the feeling I have that Princeton is just a total natural. By the end of this here session, you'll know exactly what I mean!  When he finally pulls off his gray boxer shorts, we find out he's well equipped with a nice cock that's just starting to fatten up for us. Claude does a wonderful job of getting in tight, nice and early at this point, to show us Princeton's tight, luxurious balls.   From there, we have Princeton go up on his knees and get more intense with his tugging. He's so sensuous. As Claude shoots from a vantage point that looks downward on Princeton, we enjoy Princeton using one free hand to touch himself all over.  He definitely loosened up RIGHT away! Next, we have Princeton on his back and Claude capturing an upwards view, toward Princeton's face. We see him peeking around his large dick as he jerks it. This is where we start to see some very boner-inducing play.  After this, we have a location  change, and see Princeton comfortably lounging on a long, stretched-out piece of red furniture. Claude comes right underneath Princeton and shows us what it would be like to be looking up as Princeton stares down at us beneath his swollen dick, jerking, with his legs on either sides of our head.  And finally, we're back in bed with Princeton, getting to look down at his hand furiously tugging his cock. We get to imagine what it's like to be him, enjoying a nice stroke while being videotaped like this for the first time. It's enough to make Princeton shoot a nice, thick load, and Claude sure documents it well for our pleasure. Let's keep our eyes peeled for this amazing dude to come back and rock our worlds again. I know he's on my watch list!
2016-Jul-22 13:07 - ActiveDuty - MICHAEL and ALLEN LUCAS

Not long after their trousers are off, Michael tells Allen to scooch over and suck his fat cock. No arguments from Allen! Allen takes Michael's lovely erection very deep, slurping it with lots of gusto. I especially enjoyed the way Allen runs his hands all over Michael's strong, tattooed chest. He had absolutely no reservations when it came to enjoying his fellow recruits amazing body. Just a wonderful job by Allen...blowjob that is! Michael goes to his knees to take a more dominant position, and uses this leverage to slap that stiff cock on Allen's open mouth and tongue. This gets Michael hungry for a taste of dick for himself, so Allen lays back and lets him get more than a mouthful. Gosh, look at the gorgeous cock on Allen! I somehow am always awestruck by his massive, wonderful cock. Michael sure does the job to the fullest here, taking the whole length, nice and slow. This leads right in to some hot 69 action, where both boys let loose, sucking fervently and jerking each other good. 'Now that feels REALLY good!' Allen tells Michael as Michael works on his swollen meat.  Then we go right into some good, solid fucking. Allen bends over the side of the bed and allows Michael to slide that big dick right into his tight, hungry ass. Michael has never been scared to show a squad mate what kind of power he's capable of delivering. And with a willing and eager partner like Allen, Michael is blasting at full power!  Claude does a bang-up job of getting some wonderful shots of Allen's face while being pounded. He also sneaks underneath the boys and captures a great angle of Michael's cock going in and out of that tight hole, while Allen tugs his hard dong. HOT!!! Before the glorious finish, Allen switches to his back. This leads in to a final eruption that ended up being a little bit unique from what we're used to seeing, and the credit is all due to Claude. As Michael is really getting close, putting all his effort into pumping Allen good, Claude tells him to jerk finish by 'jerking all over him.' And golly, what an amazing eruption! This is a must-see and certainly in the running for my favorite ending.
2016-Mar-25 21:00 - Cody and Derrick

Cody himself actually brought in some fresh meat of his own that he was dying to get his hands and mouth all over, his younger buddy Derrick. As soon as Mike gives them the green light Cody doesn't waste a second, pulling Derrick in for a sloppy man-on-man kiss and fondling his chest eagerly.With one hand he plays with Derrick's balls and the other he runs his hand along Derrick's growing shaft, and all the while he's throating that D with gusto.

Then Cody pulls Derrick onto his cock for some much-wanted appreciation, and Cody runs his hands all over Derrick's head, with a perfect blend of loving stroking of the hair and aggressive pushing onto his stiff dick. He even kisses the top of Derrick's head. Both guys get into a 69, first side-by-side on the bed and then Derrick mounts Cody and goes at his cock from above. Below him, Cody blows him, but then he sets his sights higher, and starts lapping up his young stud's sweet hole. Cody works his way up that hole with his tongue so deep you'd think there was gold up in there.

The guys trade another round of blowjays and then Cody goes for it and bends over Derrick for some hot ass-fucking. Cody really takes charge here, pulling Derrick's ass to back it onto his stiff cock over and over, his hands wandering south for some occasional reach-around action as he pounds his bottom. Then he flips Derrick on his back and drills him again, gripping his shaft tightly as he sticks it in and rewarding Derrick with some hot kissing.


2016-Mar-18 21:00 - Devin and Lance

It was only a matter of time before we'd get Devin back in for his own first-time gay blowjob, and today he's getting it from Lance. Lance is still pretty green at the whole sex-with-a-guy thing too and Devin thought he might be more comfortable crossing this line with someone who was just as unsure about all this as he was.

Devin's a trooper about the whole thing, in fact he actually looks pretty excited about trying something new --he's got his trademark goofy smile goin' practically the whole time! Devin's got a bit of a tender side, as he lovingly strokes Lance's hair while Lance bobs up and down on Devin's dick to get him going. Devin tells Lance to use his tongue a little, and you can see Lance lapping up the side of Devin's shaft to get it nice and wet.

'Like that,' Devin encourages once Lance finds a rhythm he likes, and Lance is happy to oblige. He works Devin up alternating between hand- and blow-job until Devin's ready to bust a giant load all over his shaved groin.


2016-Mar-11 21:00 - Casey and Tim

Tim just loves breaking in those newbies' buttholes, doesn't he? It's no easy task for them either, because Tim's packing quite the hefty piece of meat. Casey is no exception, and by the time Tim's done with him he's moaning it was 'a lot bigger than I was expecting!'

Casey puts a man's dick in his mouth for the first time, and you can see he's really trying to get it all down his throat, and he comes pretty damn close! But Tim knows it'll be easier to down his whole dick into Casey's ass than his throat, so he offers to take their muscled buns to the bed for some more vigorous action. Casey gets on his back and Tim drills into him good from a standing position, thrusting that huge cock deep into Casey's spread legs.

Next, Tim flips Casey over and pounds that big beefy behind from behind. Casey looks straight into the camera at one point, and his face is a perfect blend of stupefied and a beast in heat. A big dick'll do that to ya! Once Tim's satisfied that he's got Casey hooked on that cock, he pulls out and blasts Casey's smooth cheeks with his creamy nut.


2016-Mar-4 21:00 - Devin

Devin is the last of Mike's newest batch of recruits to get a chance to show off, but last certainly doesn't mean least. At 6'1' and 180 lbs., Devin's packing all sorts of beefcake into that red tee he's sporting while Mike grills him for personal details. He flashes this adorable little half-smile as he tells us he's 20, he's from Kansas, and that he likes to go to the gym and play video games in his spare time. He's raring to go so Mike leaves him be to get settled on the big bed and loosen up.

Devin starts rubbing his pecs, then his crotch, and engages in some friendly chitchat with Mike before stripping down to his undies. 'You wanna show me that cock or what?' Mike teases, and Devin flashes a grin that shows he's happy to oblige. His dick's a bit on the smaller side compared to the rest of him, but it's hard not to be, because Devin's a big bulky hunk with some really tasty biceps and pecs you just wanna fondle while he flexes.

Devin alternates swift strokes and rubbing his balls to get his dick nice and stiff, and then goes to town rubbing one out. He's all smiles throughout his jack-off session, which is just great -- it's always nice to see a guy in his element and having a great time. And when it's from a love of sex, all the better!


2016-Feb-26 21:00 - ActiveDuty: Dylan

You won't believe how handsome and fresh-faced this fine recruit is. This is Dylan and you've really gotta see him to know what I mean. Boy, I think we have a wonderful adventure ahead of us with this soldier.

At 6'2', Dylan is tall and lean. Right from the jump, he seems very comfortable, although this is his first time jerking his meat on camera. Once Dylan pulls out that stiff cock, we get an idea where all that confidence may be coming from...this boy is packin' some heat!

Wow, what a nice dick and luxurious balls on this young recruit. It's gonna be very interesting to see how Dylan fits in with the rest of the squad. I could see him using that large, strong meat to pound some of the tight, under-experienced holes of his fellow recruits, but I could just as well imagine Dylan being a nice, slender fuck toy for our bigger, stronger squad members.

Claude does a wonderful job here of getting some excellent shots of Dylan's gorgeous face, with those eyes, that smile, and those freckles. He also does an excellent job of capturing great moments as Dylan shows us the true size and perfect shape of his throbbing cock. By the attention Dylan pays us as we watch him jack his thick boner, I know he's gonna do a great job for us once he starts experimenting with other recruits.

You're gonna simply fall in love with this laid-back, handsome young man. I certainly did, and I know we'll all be eagerly awaiting his next adventure with us.


2016-Feb-19 21:00 - ActiveDuty: Chazz

Wow, we've been so blessed lately to have such wonderful recruits filtering in to join our humble-but-proud squadron. This occasion is no different, as we welcome our freshest young prospect, Chazz.

Once Claude leaves him to get more comfortable, after their initial chat, we see Chazz strip down and really get into a sweet, sensual groove quickly. He kicks his foot up on the ottoman and works his ass a bit further down in the seat, grabs his swelling cock, and gets down to what he knows he likes.

Right around here, Claude gets in tight to show us all the glistening oil Chazz is slathering about his engorged beast. Here we see Chazz's fingers doing some work on his hole. I like the looks of this...I know Chazz is going to really be sturdy go-to on our roster of dependable bottoms...with that ass, at least I hope so!

Then Chazz goes to his feet and Claude gets underneath that gorgeous cock. 'You're a natural!' Claude tells Chazz. Boy, is Claude right. The way Chazz moves his hips and lets his free hand grope all around his legs is just magic. And as we look up at our new boy, and he looks down at us, oozing that sensuousness, we get a great view of his powerful thighs.

Next is my favorite part: We get Chazz bent over the chair, playing with his ass for us. Claude gets in good 'n' tight to show us just how fantastic this boy's butt looks.

Finally, we finish off with Chazz cranking out every last drop. He sure locks into a heated rhythm right at the end, making the whole experience worth it.


2016-Feb-12 21:00 - ActiveDuty: Jerry Price - Quentin Gainz

Now this is what it's all about, my friends. This is an extremely special event! It's Jerry Price and Quentin Gainz together, and I'll tell you why this is such a special encounter.

Claude says that Jerry's wife is allowing him to get into some action with other dudes on camera, but she has apparently forbidden him any contact with females. Quentin laughs and says he hopes she won't be angry when Jerry realizes he sucks a better cock than she does hahaha! From Jerry's response, he's certainly not dismissing the possibility.

When they pull their dicks out, Quentin does hesitate to brave uncharted territory by wrapping his mouth around Jerry's meat. Not long into his first blowjob from a guy, Jerry, with that smile and wide eyes says, 'goddamn, I know what I've been missing out on now!' From then on, Jerry's cock gets increasingly harder while Quentin works his magic. Jerry continues to have his mind blown more as each moment unfolds with his stiff erection inside Quentin's loving mouth.

They move positions in the room after a little while, and finally Jerry is persuaded to kiss Quentin. You just have to see the absolutely wonderful reaction both boys (and Claude) have after this kiss happens! It's just a magical moment that I know I'll revisit on days when I need cheering up. 'Is he a good kisser,' Claude asks Jerry. Jerry affirms, and asks Quentin, 'What about me, bro?' Of course, Quentin let's everyone know Jerry did so well.

And after that, Jerry was itchin' to push his limits even further. 'He's about to taste his first dick!' we hear from Claude, just before Jerry leans down and takes Quentin's hard cock between his lips. He starts off a bit timid, but after a few minutes, he's up on the horse and riding!

Then Claude suggests they take things to an even more fun level, and the guys get into a 69 position. This really gives Jerry a chance to find out what it's like to get into a symbiotic groove. This is training that'll stay with him for the rest of his time here with us.

And believe it or not, we work our way up to Jerry allowing Quentin to actually sit on his cock! That's right, we have Jerry losing his man-on-man virginity, fucking Quentin's exquisite hole. For this go-around, Quentin takes the reigns and bounces on Jerry, doing most of the hard work.

Well, I don't think I need to tell you how much I can't wait to see Jerry's Journey. This is the beginning of what I hope will be a long, adventurous run with us here at Active Duty.


2016-Feb-5 21:00 - ActiveDuty: Johnny Riley - Johnny Thompson

These boys together is a sight too sweet for words. Our resident firecracker, Johnny Riley is here with new recruit, Johnny Thompson. Yes, it's Johnny and Johnny, and it's the first time we're seeing handsome and willing Thompson experiments on camera! Who better than Riley to make him feel welcome and comfortable, and also to show him how to loosen up!

Once Claude gives them the go-ahead, the Johnny's start things off by getting their hands dirty. Their big, hard dicks come out and the boys begin by slowly jerking each other with nice, tight grips.

It isn't too long before Riley is giving Thompson the lip service of his life. I think this was when Thompson really gave in to the sheer ecstasy of the experience and lost himself in the pleasure. They move into a 69 position and continue heating with intensity. Gosh, these recruits are the perfect size for each other!

From there, Mr. Riley climbs atop Thompson and takes that freshly inducted AD cock for a test spin. Boy, does it turn out to have some incredible potential! Thompson does an excellent job of giving Riley the good time he was hoping for, and surely makes him proud as a mentor.

Thompson goes to his back and lets Riley continue the session. 'Oh yeah, you feel great,' Riley tells Thompson, and Thompson seems to rest his head back on the bed, in relief. I can't blame him. His nerves must still be pretty wound, hoping that his mentor is enjoying his hole. When Riley tells him earnestly that his ass does feel great, I can imagine that satisfaction.

Claude gets some wonderful shots of Thompson's hard dick as Riley pummels his hot pocket, just before Thompson gets back in the driver's seat. By this point, Johnny T has loosened up and is really having a blast! 'You like a cock up your ass!' Claude says as we watch Riley get drilled. Wow, Riley has learned how to tolerate a no-punches-pulled fucking very nicely!

Finally, we have Riley back on top, taking more stiff cock in his ass as he jerks the warm load out of his own throbbing dick. I'm so pleased with how this one turned out, and how well both Johnny's did! From Johnny Thompson, I can easily imagine a long, fruitful tour of Active Duty. As for Johnny Riley, I don't need to tell you how much amazing action we have in store from this robust cadet. I think it's clear that with these two on the squad, we can count on a fun ride ahead!


2016-Jan-29 21:00 - James

James stands 5'8 at the ripe age of 22 and is a full time college student that is in his prime of exploration. He likes to keep in shape at the gym and doing fun activities outside like fishing with his friends or hitting the streets on his longboard but that's not the only thing which is long. It's James first time stroking off for the camera and he's a very nice mellow individual. He moistens up his long dick with some lube to get the full friction when he's stroking his cock up and down. He is somewhat timid but as he warms up he bends that sweet milky ass over for all to see as he keeps one hand on his cock. Watch James stroke his cock as he unleashes a built up load.



2016-Jan-22 21:00 - Kasey

Back in 2006 Kasey was just a fledgling young scrawny recruit showing off his talents in an audition tape with dreams to impress little ol' me. Kasey peels off his baggy shirt to show off his smooth chest, dog tags draped around his neck to show his pedigree. His body has without a doubt only gotten better with age, but even though he's not ripped as fuck in this video like he grows up to be, you can still see the start of a great body from the bulging in his pecs and biceps. And of course once he peels off those track pants and starts humping the bed vigorously, we get a look at a fantastic meaty ass, too.After a couple of minutes of blissful dry humping, Kasey flips over to give us some slow, sensual stroking of his cock. Slow stroking has a charm all of its own, because you can get in real close to see every vein and ridge of his cock shaft as he slides the skin up and down -- it's almost breathtaking to see such a beautiful cock so close up!


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